2022-10-01 21:03:58

  • When you first encounter Wolf Spiders – give them a wide berth. Their attacks can kill you in one hit or heavily damage basic armor. Wait until you know how to craft better armor – like Acorn Armor – and have good weapons and a plan before you take them on.
  • Some Spiders sleep during the day – or at night – if you hear a strange noise while exploring, it may be a snoring spider, so crouch to move slowly and quietly past it.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of the Perfect Block. If you hit the block button right as they attack, you’ll negate all incoming damage without using any stamina. Master this, and you can take down even the largest terrors with practice and precision.
  • Ants won’t bother you outside their nests until you bother them – and when you do, they’ll summon several friends like Soldier Ants to back them up, so be prepared to get ambushed even after the initial attack.
  • You’ll know when an insect turns aggressive by looking for its eye color. When they turn red, they’ll be actively hunting something, and if no smaller insects are around – it’s likely you!
  • Spiders – like most other enemies – don’t do well when you have the high ground. Find a place they can’t leap to, and utilize arrows to weaken them until you feel comfortable finishing large enemies off.
  • While firing arrows at larger enemies from vantage points on top of grass and clovers can be an ideal strategy – don’t forget that enemies like Spiders and Ladybugs and break down weeds and send you crashing down below.
  • Bandages will heal you slowly over time – and can even be used in combat and will continue to heal you.
  • Ant Larva seem to appear in greater numbers in response to a decimated population. If you’re looking for more of them, cut the number of Ants down and see if that triggers an influx of larva.
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