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Game Guide – Amnesia The Bunker

Survival Tips

Amnesia The Bunker incorporates various random elements. The creature in the game is unpredictable, and it’s impossible to anticipate all of its actions in our walkthrough. To assist you, follow the advice below:

  • All secondary item codes and locations are randomized in each playthrough. If you come across a code, you can reload your previous save to use it without having to complete the entire path again. This way, you can conserve your resources.
  • You can break wooden doors using a brick.
  • Use flaming torches and flares to scare away rats.
  • You can anticipate the creature’s appearances. If you notice dust coming from an entrance, it means the creature is behind the wall. If you see flashing lights, it indicates the creature is nearby.
  • Shoot three bullets at the creature to scare it away.
  • You can block the creature’s entrances with solid containers like gas cylinders.


At the beginning of Amnesia: The Bunker, you assume the role of Henry in the heart of a trench. Move forward to discover a room with ammunition on the table. Collect the ammunition for later use. Proceed into the trench and clear the path by moving the planks obstructing your way. Further ahead, you will encounter soldiers ambushing you. Seek cover behind sandbags and eliminate the soldiers, leading Lambert to lend you a hand. Then enter the adjacent room to find two pieces of fabric. Combine these items to craft a healing remedy and tend to your wounds.

Afterwards, search beneath the table to retrieve two grenades from the shelf. Use one of the grenades to blast open the exit. Outside, shoot the barrel to demolish the barricade, and proceed into the trench, triggering a cinematic sequence amidst the smoke.

Following the rescue of Henri and a chaotic escape through the battlefield, you awaken in the Bunker’s infirmary. Depart from the room and proceed towards the illuminated chamber in the hallway. Acquire the torch from the cabinet and continue your journey towards the Messhall. Pass through the door at the back to encounter a dying soldier.

Go to the soldier to retrieve a gun. He will reveal the location of the ammunition on the opposite side. Once you reload your weapon, return to the soldier to reunite with your best friend in Amnesia: The Bunker. Head back to the infirmary corridor and utilize your weapon to break open a padlock. Enter the adjacent room and use the hanging lantern to save your progress Certainly! Here’s the continuation of the guide:

Officers’ Quarters

Before embarking on your first task, collect jerry cans of gasoline and refuel the generator. Once you’re ready, start the machine and exit the infirmary. Then, head to the corridor west of the infirmary to find a valve. This valve maintains the emergency lock of the bunker, and without it, further progress is impeded. Turn the valve to render it inoperable. You’ll need to find an emergency valve. Return to the mission storage area to locate a conduit.

Enter the area and find several lockers along the way. Retrieve Bardin’s access card on your path. Use the acquired code to open Bardin’s locker and retrieve the equipment inside. While examining the lockers, you’ll find a valve inside « Delisle’s » locker. To open it, you’ll need to find the corresponding code.

Head to the soldiers’ quarters to the west. Make your way to the stay area where you’ll find barrels at the bottom. Move the barrels to gain access to a pipe. Remove the boards to reach « Delisle’s » bedroom. Search the corpse to find the corresponding plaque.

Soldiers’ Quarters

In the comms room, proceed down the hall to find the closed comms room. Turn right to find the safe room. If you peek inside, you’ll notice the symbol of a key. Use a brick or an explosive to break open the door. Remain hidden until the creature retreats, then search the shelf for a note. You now know that the key is hidden under Goff’s bunk.

Search the dorms near the safe room to find Goff’s bed. You’ll discover the key hidden behind his pillow. Before reaching the comms room, follow the power cable down the hall. Activate the power supplies to energize the radio. Rats may obstruct your path, but you can use the meat from the nearby kitchen to scare them away. Along the way, you can collect two plaques—one from a corpse and another on Clément’s bunk in the dormitory.

Once the electricity is restored, proceed to the communication room to lower a final lever. Interact with the radio to obtain the armory code.


With the armory code in hand, head south of the bunker toward the storage area. Be cautious of the traps scattered on the ground. Jump over them to avoid triggering them. Proceed until you reach a closed door. Use the armory code to unlock the armored door. After entering the door, turn left to move some crates.

Continue through a gate and push another crate beneath an overturned shelf. Ahead, you’ll encounter rats blocking the way. Push the barrel over the rats to eliminate them. Crouch down and pass under a table.

Maintenance (continued)

reach the room, go through the workshop. Inside, you’ll find a tunnel infested with rats. Use a flare or torch to ward them off as you progress. You can also collect a plaque from the tunnel. Proceed to the « Pillbox » door and read the note you find. The key to the door is held by the father in the chapel.


Make your way to the prison area and open the gate. Proceed through the conduit to reach the cell control room. Use the panel to open the prisoner’s cell and let the creature deal with him. Remain silent until the beast leaves. Retrieve a clamp from the prisoner’s cell and head towards the tunnels in the arsenal.


In the arsenal, carefully navigate the entrance to the tunnels. Use the pliers to remove the chain blocking the grid. On the other side, enter the basin and approach the shelves to push a crate and activate a power supply. Activate the pump at the entrance of the pool to lower the water level.

Descend to the bottom of the basin and push a plank and a crate to reach a mine. On the other side, activate the save point before proceeding. Venture deeper into the nearby ruins, following the eerie whispers. Eventually, you’ll reach a lower level. Exercise caution as you prepare for a fight. Approach the half-open door to draw an assailant’s attention. Hide when they reload and strike when they are close. Pursue the individual and eliminate them.

Claim their weapon and search for an illuminated statue amidst the mist. Nearby, you’ll find a door. Use a brick to pry it open and retrieve the detonator. You can continue outside to find Lambert’s plaque. In the ruins, retrace your steps and move the crates to create a path upward. Ensure you have all the necessary items and proceed to the exit of the bunker. Once there, detonate the explosives and enter the passage.

Final Duel and Escape

A final showdown awaits you against the creature in the ruins. Employ strategy to hold it off and make your way to the stairs at the bottom. Using the starting beam as a diversion, lure the creature to the entrance of the ruins. Then, head for the exit. To overcome the obstacle, stack crates and navigate the stairs while fending off the beast if necessary.

Above ground, rush towards the exit, clearing away stones to free yourself from this nightmare.


Q: Are the secondary item codes and locations the same in every playthrough?

A: No, they are randomized in each playthrough, adding to the game’s replayability. If you obtain a code, you can reload a previous save to use it without following the entire path again.

Q: How can I scare away rats?

A: You can use flaming torches or flares to scare rats away. Keep them at a distance to avoid being attacked.

Q: How can I anticipate the creature’s appearances?

A: If you see dust coming from an entrance, it means the creature is behind the wall. Flashing lights indicate the creature’s proximity. Stay cautious and prepared when you notice these signs.

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