Getting Started

2022-10-01 20:58:54

  • Early on in the game – pick up everything you find. You can hold a lot more than you think, and sometimes even the act of picking up something new can give you new crafting recipes.
  • Each Field Station you find has an analyzer that can be used three times to analyze resources – often giving you additional ways to use them in crafting recipes. After that, you’ll have to wait about 5 minutes for the analyzer to start replenishing its charge. If you don’t want to wait, seek out other stations in the meantime.
  • In single player mode, going into your inventory does not pause the game. This means you can still be attacked, or become hungry and thirsty – which can even lower your health to 1 unless you do something. If you need to step away, press ESC to reach the main menu instead.
  • If you’re playing in multiplayer, each player will need to access their own lean-to to begin the process of sleeping until daylight – this can help you avoid nocturnal spiders and other creatures, just make sure everyone has somewhere to sleep.
  • Your quickbar will display one of each type of item – weapons, tools, food, ammo, and so forth. You can press the indicated button to activate or bring up the item, and press it again to put it away.
  • Don’t be afraid to drink standing water if you have a good source of food nearby, as it will only make you hungrier.
  • You run faster when you aren’t holding items – so prioritize putting away torches and weapons if you need to get away in a hurry.
  • Not everything you find in the backyard will have its own map point – and that includes lean-tos and camps you build. Invest in making a few Trail Markers to make custom map points for your home and sources of resources like water – or points of interest.
  • Certain landmarks like juice boxes and cans will spawn drops of liquid every day or so – be sure to check them every so often to quench your thirst or craft a canteen to store them.
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