MultiVersus: How To Play As Garnet

Grounded Attacks

NameAdditional PropertiesDescription
Gauntlet StrikeChargeableThis is one of Garnet’s chargeable attacks. It has a nice, juicy hitbox and very respectable range. All in all, it is pretty standard when it comes to the neutral charge attack.
Crystal ComboArmored (for the final hit of the forward sequence)This is Garnet’s combo attack, and it is among one of the best in the game. It is rangy, and it has three different finishers (depending on the direction you press for the final hit).
Double JabChargeableWhen it comes to her anti-air attack, Garnet has a nice little double jab combo. This hits pretty far above her head and tends to juggle your opponents for a decent chunk of time.
Shocking SlamChargeable, ShockShocking Slam is one of the cornerstones of Garnet’s toolset. A fully charged version of this attack hits any grounded opponents to the left or right of Garnet from a pretty shocking distance.
Stronger Than YouStops Projectiles, applies RhythmThis is a pretty interesting attack for Garnet. Not only does it stop projectiles in their place, but it also buffs your entire team by granting you the gift of rhythm.
Rhythm grants a speed boost as well as giving normal attacks armor-breaking properties with two stacks.
Rocket FistThis is a pretty powerful, short-range projectile. It really comes into its own when paired with her “Targeted” signature perk, but even without said perk it is definitely a decent tool.
It is nice for edge guarding especially.
Spark Of LoveChargeable, Shock, and Electrifies alliesOnce down, the Spark Of Love will create a little dome. Entering this dome will harm enemies and can shock them. Your allies, on the other hand, will be given the electrified buff.
Gem DashRefresh ally’sThis attack sets a gem down. The next time you use the Gem Dash you will dash to the gem (unsurprisingly). As you dash toward the gem, you will scoop up the first enemy you come in contact with. However, be warned: this attack can be interrupted.

Aerial Attacks

NameAdditional PropertiesDescription
StarburstChargeableThis is among the easiest-to-use aerial attack in the game. Its hitbox appears all around Garnet. This means that it hits above and below her. It also charges pretty damn quickly. This is an amazing spike for ringing out opponents underneath you.
The best way to use this attack is to get it pretty close to fully charged in the air, then fast fall on top of your enemy.
Flying ComboThis is a pretty quick horizontal attack you perform from the air. It is generally useful, but not particularly showy.
Jumping JabberThe Jumping Jabber attack hits pretty far above Garnet’s head, and it can definitely be effective at ringing enemies out at the top of the screen, but usually, we prefer to use her Flying Crossarm instead.
Meteor PunchChargeableThis is a pretty juice spike. It hits harder than her Starburst, and it has a pretty giant hitbox. It certainly isn’t hard to land, especially since it has a bit of splash damage.
Stronger Than YouThis move operates the same in the air as it does on the ground.
Flying CrossarmThis is Garnet’s go-to move for ringing opponents out at the top of the screen. If you land this attack when you are directly under your opponent it will hit them multiple times.
You can combo into the Flying Crossarm from the Crystal Combo up attack if the enemy is suitably damaged.
Gem DashThe Gem Dash is the same in the air as it is on the ground. However, this does mean that if your gem is already down you can zoom to it from up above. You can also drop your gem in the air, which is useful for establishing tricky setups for catching opponents who are jumping a little too much.
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