MultiVersus: How To Play As Wonder Woman

Grounded Attacks

NameAdditional PropertiesDescription
Sword Of AresChargeableThis is your standard, chargeable attack. It has decent range, but it isn’t particularly fast.
Amazon ComboForward + AttackThis attack combos into itself three times. It has better range than a lot of characters’ normal attacks, but it is a touch slower. You can jump cancel the first or second hit to combo into her Flying Warrior special attack.
Shield BashChargeableThis is a very great chargeable up attack. It is reminiscent of what you would see from a sword user in a Smash Bros game. It is chargeable and has decent range.
Amazon ShoutChargeable, Grants ArmorEvery time you tank a shot using armor, you build a bar. This move is what uses that bar. Once fully charged, and after having filled the aforementioned bar, this is an attack that has pretty incredible range, does a ton of damage, and will send injured enemies flying in every direction.
Lasso Of TruthProjectileThis is Wonder Woman’s iconic lasso. This will grab the enemy and bring them close to you. This is a pretty good attack, but it requires an amount of skill to use effectively. It is far-reaching, but is also a pretty heavy commitment. It also has a cooldown, so you can’t just spam the lasso.
You can aim the lasso diagonally up or down, and you can even input the direction long after using the attack. So, if you see your opponent trying to hop over it, you can still snag them.
Warrior’s ChargeProvides ArmorThis is your blocking special. It will stop projectiles, and you can charge it to create a projectile wall. If your ally passes through you while you have this special active you will give them a little armor.
Flying WarriorUp + SpecialThis is a great attack! It has a very large hitbox, which makes it easy to hit opponents with. You can combo into the Flying Warrior by jump canceling the first or second hit of your Amazon Combo. You can also sometimes combo the Rising Kick aerial attack after it (depending on your opponent’s health and weight).
Defense Of The GodsCleanse, Armor BuffThis special places a shield around you that will allow you to tank a hit. It will also cleanse any negative status effects. Obviously, this is an incredibly potent tool. This is why it has a cooldown associated with it.
This is an incredible tool in general, but it is even better when playing with a partner. If you are within a half-screen width of distance from your opponent, you will immediately travel directly to them. Not only does this provide them with the armor buff, but it is also a great way to get out of a sticky situation.

Aerial Attacks

NameAdditional PropertiesDescription
Whirling SwordArmor BreakingWhile it is nice that it breaks armor, the range of this attack isn’t phenomenal. It is still a nice tool to have, but should primarily be used when fighting armored foes.
Flying SlashForward + AttackThis is a very simple, yet effective attack. It has a nice, juicy hitbox, and is probably going to be a mainstay of your arsenal. You can also follow up with the Lasso of Truth for a sneaky mixup.
Rising KickUp + AttackThis attack is one of Wonder Woman’s best ways of getting rid of opponents. It has a good hitbox, hits directly above Wonder Woman’s head, and is your best move for getting opponents out at the top of the screen. It can also combo off of her Up Aerial Special (though this is dependent on a few factors, such as how much damage your opponent has taken).
Falling SpearDown + AttackWonder Woman’s Down Aerial Attack is quite good, but also very hard to use. On the plus side, it hits directly under her, is fast, and creates an opportunity for a combo if it lands on a grounded opponent.
Lasso Of TruthSpecialThis is the same as the grounded version of the move, but in the air.
Soaring PunchForward + SpecialHere it is: Wonder Woman’s best way of knocking opponents off the stage. This punch lunges Wonder Woman toward her opponent and deals a heavily damaging attack. It is her single best way of knocking people out of the arena to the left or the right. It is especially good for finishing people who are off the platform and trying to recover.
You perform this move very close to the ground. So, if your opponent is badly injured, you can do a short hop and still hit them with this lunging attack, even if they are grounded. Or, if you are already in the air, you can fast fall while performing this attack to catch a ground opponent.
Flying WarriorUp + SpecialThis is the same as the grounded version, but in the air. One thing to note is that if you are using this move to get back to the main platform after being knocked far away, it floats. So, you can hold it and travel horizontally for quite some time (though on a slight downward angle, so it isn’t quite as useful when you are close to the bottom of the screen).
Defense Of The GodsCleanse, Armor BuffThis is the same attack as the grounded version; just remember that if you are within half a screen of your partner you will zip to them, making this move extremely good for escaping situations where you are compromised in the air.
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