Push is a new game mode introduced in Overwatch 2, in which two teams fight over control of a robot in an effort to escort it as it pushes your team’s barricade to the delivery point.

Thirty seconds into the Push match, the Robot becomes active, and either team can now capture it. Depending on which team won control, the Robot will begin pushing that team’s Barricade in the direction of the enemy team’s spawn.

While pushing the Barricade, the Robot moves much slower. However, if at any point on the journey to the end of the route the Robot is retaken, it will walk at a much faster pace until it reaches the other Barricade. Whenever control of the Robot is swapped, the respective Barricade the Robot was pushing remains exactly where the Robot left it.

You have ten minutes to escort the Robot while it pushes your Barricade to the end of the route. If neither team succeeds in this, at the end of the ten minutes, whichever team pushed the Robot the farthest distance is declared the winner.

The game can go into Overtime if the Robot is currently being contested at the ten-minute mark, or if the team with control at the ten-minute mark has less distance traveled than their rival.

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