Reinhardt is one of the best Overwatch 2 heroes in terms of overall hero design and lore. Reinhardt had a few quality of life changes such as two fire strike charges and stop your charge midway. Other than that, he’s a strong melee tank that relies on close-quarter combat to overpower his opponents. As a tank, he has one of the best ultimates in the game which knocks down and stuns all of the enemies in a cone in front of him.


  1. Be aggressive and communicate to your teammates when you’ll put your shield down.
  2. Manage your shield resource by using natural cover (walls and anything that reduces your opponent’s line of sight) instead of always using your shield.
  3. Be conservative with your charge ability as this skill can instantly spell your death if done wrong. Remember, this is your only mobility skill so once you use this, you don’t have any way to get out. Fortunately, you can now stop your charge ability midway, unlike before wherein Reinhardt continues his charge until he hits a wall.


  • Rocket Hammer
  • Charge
  • Barrier Field
  • Fire Strike
  • Earthshatter (Ultimate Ability)
  • Steadfast (Passive)

What’s Changed in Overwatch 2?

  • New Tank Passive
  • Health increased from 300 to 325 (Buff)
  • Armor decreased from 350 to 300 (Buff)
  • Firestrike now has 2 charges.
  • Firestrike damage decreased from 100 to 90 HP. It is still a buff considering Reinhardt now has 2 charges.
  • Barrier Shield Health reduced from 1600 to 1200 HP. (Nerf)
  • Barrier Shield Health Regen Rate reduced from 200 HP/sec to 144 HP/sec. (Nerf)
  • Charge steering turn rate increased +50% and is now cancellable. (Buff)
  • Charge damage decreased from 300 to 225 HP. (Nerf)
  • Charge cooldown decreased from 10 seconds to 8 seconds. (Buff)
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