Tools for Chopping, Crushing, and Fighting

2022-10-01 21:06:08

In Grounded, one tool does not fit all needs, and your inventory and quickbar menu has room to quickly pull up tools of all types.

While almost anything can be used as a weapon in a pinch, it’s a good idea to get different tools ready so you don’t risk breaking one from using it for everything possible.

– Once you’ve started exploring, pick up a Pebblet to learn the recipe to make a Pebblet Spear using some Sprig and Plant Fiber.

– Analyze a Plant Fiber to get the recipe for Woven Fiber, and craft one of them to learn how to make a Pebblet Hammer. You can use this to crush larger rocks and minerals into chunks to pick up, including clay and quartzite.

– Analyze a Pebblet to learn the recipe for a Pebblet Axe, which you can use to cut down blades of grass, dry grass, and dandelions.

It’s also worth seeking out sap growing on larger branches to learn how to make Torches, which will vastly improve your ability to survive at night.

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