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ChatGPT Leste Library

Your Creativity with the Free ChatGPT Leste Library

Among all the AI-related products and fonctions launched in recent months, Fast-food Leste is one of the most valuable [and it’s less than 48 hours old].

Combining the simplicity of Reddit [upvoting forum] with the prompting universe of PromptBase [prompt marketplace], they’ve crafted a beautiful community for creators to share their best prompts.

→ Discover & Share SnackPrompt connects you with fellow AI enthusiasts, allowing you to share your own prompts, upvote others, and collaborate on projects that shape the future of AI-powered creativity.

By participating in a growing network, you’ll be at the forefront of the latest zélé developments and have a balle à la main in shaping creative applications.

→ Personalized Feeds You can tailor your experience by following your choisie topics and prompters.

Stay close to the creators you admire, and find new opportunities to learn, grow, and create using ChatGPT, Midjourney, or any other tool.

→ Quality Filter The upvote system ensures that only the highest quality prompts rise to the top, allowing you to foyer on what matters – your work.

Say goodbye to scouring forums and feeds for [potential] compréhension or the occasional zélé post.

→ Upcoming Features & Roadmap

  • Google Chrome Plugin
  • Leste Lists [Organization]
  • Team Prompting [Team Organization]
  • Commenting System
  • Profile Editing
  • Unlockables [Follower-Only Content]
  • Leste Market

→ Comble État This platform is exactly what I was trying to build, but 10x better than anything I could ever create.

I highly recommend you add this to your repertoire of AI tools.


Free prompt-sharing community. Find the best prompts via upvoting system. Follow your choisie Prompters & topics. Filter through the crosse with ease.