What is this game?​

What is this game?​

In this game you’ll play a fast food worker at night. You’ll need to make drinks, fries, hamburgers or any other food that the customers ask you. You’ll work on the Happy’s Humble Burger Farm restaurant. So, get in, get ready, open the restaurant, and when costumers arrive, fulfill their food orders, and don’t make a single mistake. If you make a single mistake, you’ll upset Happy. And trust me… You don’t want to make him upset.

What will I be able to do with this Cheat Table?​

With this Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Cheat Engine Table, you will be able to have Infinite Health and energy, freeze order and shift timers, stop the restaurant from randomly malfunctioning, have infinite fries and nugs, make all orders be correct, and quickly cook everything from burgers to fries and drinks. Also there’s 3 editable values: Money, jump height and jump forward amount.

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Cheat Engine Table Features:​

– Infinite Health
You won’t die no matter how many times you’re damaged.

– Infinite Energy
Energy won’t go down when doing anything that would decrease it.

– Freeze Order Timer
The timer that orders have, will be frozen so you can take your sweet time preparing the meals.

– Freeze Shift Timer
Your shift timer will be frozen, so you can pretty much take as many orders as you want.

– No Restaurant Malfunction
The restauran won’t randomly have the lights shutdown, or have the backdoor open.

– Infinite Fries and Nugs
Fries and nugs won’t decrease when taking a few. So you just frying one of each once, will give you enough for every meal.

– All Orders are Correct
All orders will be correct. No matter what you’ve given to the customer.

– [Cooking] Instantly Cook Burgers
All three types of burgers will instantly cook to perfection. So you can bring multiple from the freeze, throw them into the grill and leave it them there until needed. And they will always be perfectly cooked.

– [Cooking] Instant Shake and Soda
Both shake and soda machine will instantly get you the drink when putting a cup in.

– [Cooking] Instantly Fry Food
All fried food that you put in the fryer, will be instantly fried.

– [Cooking] Instant Oven
Everything that you put in the over will instantly be cooked.

– [Editable Value] Money
Change the current money that you have to any value that you want.

– [Editable Value] Jump Height and Jump Forward Amount
Change both jump height and jump forward values to anything that you want. Both increase jump of the player on two different directions. The forward one will help you get everywhere faster by just jump forward. You might need ‘Infinite Health and Energy’ or you’ll die pretty quickly.

Console and commands:​

By pressing Tilde on your keyboard, or the equivalent of it on your keyboard layout, you’ll be able to open the console which includes a few commands in it. I don’t have a description for what they do, but most are easy to know just by their name:

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