3 easy steps of how to buy land in Sandbox metaverse?

Blockchain technology, along with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, have caused growing attention in metaverse real estate and virtual reality space. Experts predict that the annual growth rate of investment in metaverse real estate will increase %31 and reaches $828.95 billion in 2028. Believing in the potential of metaverse real estate in the future, more and more brands, content creators, industries, and game designers are buying lands in metaverse.

Metaverse games usually include plots of land as NFTs that players can buy and work on to earn in-game rewards. These games have turned into one of the significant investment options for those who aim to multiply their digital assets.

Among all, Sandbox is a great choice to Buy land in metaverse and invest in it’s real estate. Sandbox began as a 2D video game. The game was launched by Pixowl in May 2012. Later in 2018, Animoca Brands acquired Sandbox and turned it into a 3D decentralized gaming platform running on the Ethereum network. But how to buy land in sandbox?

At the time of writing, Sandbox is a leading brand in metaverse space which provides unique opportunities to its players. Sandbox Game Maker allows creators to develop their games, VoxEdit enables users to create and edit voxel-based NFTs listed on the Sandbox marketplace, and Avatar allows the creation and customization of metaverse avatars.

Sandbox is also known with its metaverse lands that can be traded on secondary markets. A Sandbox land is an ERC-721 token standard (NFT) in the decentralized metaverse space, like the otherside metaverse project from Yuga Labs. These lands can be used to provide an environment for game developers and develop corporations and social interaction.

In the following, we provide all the information you need to buy land in Sandbox metaverse and invest in metaverse.

Invest in Sandbox lands

Invest in Sandbox lands

Sandbox is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is a gaming metaverse. It allows users to create, distribute and monetize in-game digital assets and enjoy gaming experiences. Players can earn from their free-to-play as well as play-to-earn experiences in Sandbox lands. Creators and land owners can also earn from different opportunities sandbox provides them.

People, enterprises and institutions can buy plots of land in metaverse. Sandbox allows game developers and designers to create their own games where others can play and make digital money. In answer to how to buy land in sandbox, they include various states which come in different colors. Here is a list of them:

  • Gray shows LANDs or ESTATEs that are available for purchase.
  • Yellow stands for premium LANDs that are available for purchase.
  • Purple represents LANDs or ESTATEs that you or other individual books.
  • Red shows LANDS or ESTATEs that you own.
  • Green stands for LANDs or ESTATEs that are already purchased and owned by others.
  • Blue marks LANDs or ESTATEs that are reserved for partners and Game Maker Fund recipients by the Sandbox.

Knowing about the types of lands existing in Sandbox metaverse, you can buy land in Sandbox in two ways: either in the Sandbox marketplace or on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

How to buy land on Sandbox Real Estate?

Sandbox Real Estate

Before explaining the steps to answer how to buy sandbox land, let’s learn about real estate in Sandbox. There are a total of 166,464 LANDS in Sandbox Metaverse. Sandbox holds 10% of all its LANDs to host special events. Additionally, 16% are there as reserves and distributed to partners, creators, and gamers as rewards. Thus, 74% of Sandbox LANDs are available for users.

The smallest unit of a plot of land in Sandbox is a voxel, which replicates the size of a block.

The size of one piece of LAND in Sandbox is 96*96 meters, making it a perfect square for land to buy. Landowners can merge 1*1 lands that are adjacent to each other to form an ESTATE. Readily assembled ESTATES are also available to purchase. ESTATES come in different sizes, including 3*3 representing 9 LANDs, 6*6 (36 LANDs), 12*12 (144 LANDs), and 24*24 (576 LANDs).

If two or more ESTATEs locate next to each other, a DISTRICT forms. Two or more users can own a DISTRICT, which is governed by DAOs. ESTATEs and DISTRICTs allow LAND owners with similar plans or projects to cooperate and develop their projects together.

How to buy land in Sandbox?

How to buy land in Sandbox?
How to buy land in Sandbox metaverse? (3 Steps) 12

Here are the steps to buy land in Sandbox and start investing in metaverse real estate.

Create an account in Sandbox

Create an account in Sandbox

The first step to buying land in Sandbox is to create an account on Sandbox platform. On the Sandbox login page, click Sign in and create an account. Here, you need to have a crypto wallet to attach your account.

You need to fill your crypto wallet with SAND, the native crypto token of Sandbox, to be able to purchase and trade LANDs and in-game items. Since SAND works on the Ethereum blockchain, gas fees can be paid in ETH. Therefore, we advise you to register your wallet when registering your account in Sandbox.

Now you should find Market on the menu and choose LAND as the NFT type.

Select your LAND in Sandbox metaverse

Select your LAND in Sandbox metaverse
How to buy land in Sandbox metaverse? (3 Steps) 13

The second step in answer to how to buy land in sandbox is finding land that it is quite easy. Find the LAND/MAP option on the left toolbar. There are two main types of LAND in Sandbox platform to choose from:

  • Premium Land– These are lands surrounded by social hubs and major partners. There is higher traffic in premium areas compared to regular lands, according to the neighborhood they are located in.
  • Regular Land– These lands do not have any major partners surrounding them, including economic hubs and brand centers. Average houses or residential homes are developed on these lands.

The regular lands are available in gray, and the premium ones are yellow. Click on the land you wish to buy. Check the colors.

Purchase your land

Purchase your land

Once you find the plot of land you wish to buy, you may click the buy button on the right of the screen. Remember, you must have enough SAND and ETH in your crypto wallet to pay the price of land. Check the notification received on your wallet and complete your purchase. You are all done!

How to buy land from Secondary marketplaces?

How to buy land from Secondary marketplaces?

You also can buy Sandbox land in secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Sandbox map. Tick on OpenSea filter.
  2. You will see the available lands, and you can choose the one you prefer.
  3. Click on the price button, and you will be redirected to OpenSea. You can connect your wallet by clicking the Next button.
  4. Go through the checkout. If all data is correct, confirm the request received on your wallet, and the land is now your new digital asset.

What makes a Sandbox LAND valuable?

What makes a Sandbox LAND valuable?

To know how to buy land in sandbox, three factors determine the worth of land when you buy land in Sandbox. They directly influence the price once you decide to sell or rent the land.

Location of Sandbox LAND

Location is essential to the value of land in metaverse. Certain areas will be more valuable and sought after than others. Real estate investors usually make offers on properties that appear to be in poor condition but are in excellent locations. The most valuable locations are typically populated by major brands and service providers, typically located in the Sandbox zone. These areas are more populated and experience more traffic, which enhances the value of the surrounding area.

Sandbox LAND’s Size

ESTATEs have four categories: small (3×3), medium (6×6), large (12×12), and XL (24×24). Snoop Dogg and Adidas have the largest ESTATEs, respectively. Multinational companies, like Ubisoft and Warner Music Group, typically own XL ESTATEs. Size of an ESTATE defines its usage, including holding an event.

Value of land in Sandbox

Sandbox is well-recognized for its collaboration and applicability to work with some of the world’s most well-known businesses, such as fashion, technology, finance, and gaming. Therefore, buying LANDs in Sandbox can be a worthy investment. The value of NFT real estate may not be fixed like other NFTs, but it definitely goes far beyond primary digital assets. The limited number of lands available in Sandbox also adds to the price.

How to sell Sandbox lands?

How to sell Sandbox lands?

Another important point besides how to buy land in Sandbox is the way of selling it’s lands. Sandbox marketplace supports all forms of trading, including selling LANDs. You can sell your LAND on Sandbox marketplace or market it on secondary marketplaces like Rarible and OpenSea. Sandbox marketplace charges a 5% transaction fee in SAND when you sell your LAND there. You have to pay a gas fee to sell your land through secondary NFT markets.

As we discussed above, three factors influence the price of your LAND, namely location, size and value. Besides, ASSETs in the package also influence the price of land. These assets can include the properties (such as your virtual house) created on your LAND.

If you want to sell your land in Sandbox, we advise you to do in-depth market research before putting your metaverse land on sale.

Wrap up

Wrap up of how to buy land in sandbox

Metaverse is going to change how we live, work and interact. One of the most profitable investments in metaverse is buying a virtual land in metaverse. Right now, Sandbox lands are available to purchase for everyone. Sandbox has shown its potential and possibilities to attract millions of users, including celebrities like Snoop Dogg and brands like Adidas, which has increased the prices of its NFT lands.

How to buy land in sandbox? If you also have the resources to invest and buy land in metaverse, make sure to consider buying land in Sandbox as a strong choice. Always remember to study as much as possible before you invest in metaverse.


Is it worth buying Sandbox lands?

Like the physical world, the value of land in Sandbox is defined by several factors such as location and size. Besides, Sandbox has been successful in generating benefits for its users. It seems to be a promising metaverse platform to invest in.

Where to buy Sandbox lands?

You can buy land in Sandbox directly from Sandbox marketplace or find land in secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible.

How much is land in Sandbox?

Prices can be widely different from one ESTATE to another. Features such as location and size can determine the price of land in Sandbox.

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