Sons of the Forest (1)

Differences between The Forest & Sons Of The Forest

« Sons of the Forest reignites the flame. The recipe is the same for Sons of the Forest but with many improvements compared to the first episode. As a reminder, it is a survival game in the middle of a large forest in which you must survive. If in the first episode, we played as a survivor of a plane crash looking for his son, this time we play as a survivor of a military operation. For example, there is a noticeable improvement in animations, much more realistic, and especially a much larger number of interactions with the environment and constructions. More concretely, our character, for example, carries wood in his arms or on his shoulders. There is also the presence of firearms, a much more creepy artificial intelligence, and many possibilities for defense such as the opportunity to shape wood into a point. »

Sons of the Forest

Yes, that is an example of a sequel. In this case, the game you described is a continuation of the story and gameplay from the original Half-Life game, but with updated graphics and a new setting that takes place 20 years after the events of the first game. The player is still controlling the same protagonist and fighting against the same enemy, but with new challenges and a different narrative.

Everything that we’ve seen looks better than The Forest. Obviously things will look similar in regards to the environment because of the nature of the game. The only thing that may retread closely is the story.

« what changed? » …………

  • the map
  • the story
  • the building system
  • the enemy AI
  • the fact that there are friendly NPCs that can help you out
  • a whole lot of new enemies
  • a whole lot of new weapons
  • basically everything in the game got new models (haven’t seen any old ones yet)