The horror game Spider-train Choo-Choo Charles is coming to consoles 1

The horror game Spider-train Choo-Choo Charles

Choo-Choo Charles

Have you ever sat down to enjoy a typical Thomas and Friends evening, only to wonder: what if this experience was utterly terrifying and deeply unsettling? What if Thomas had the almost infinite teeth of a top predator and the spindly legs of a horribly large spider? Well, my friends. I’ve got some great news for you. Choo-Choo Charles, the horror game on a terrifying train, is coming to consoles and PC. And new gameplay footage has been shared at the Summer Game Fest developer day presentation on Thursday.

Developed by Two Star Games, Choo-Choo Charles is an open-world horror game. Its Steam page describes it perfectly: « Charles is a bloodthirsty train, and it needs to be destroyed. It’s simple, really. You drive a train, but you’re being pursued by the formidable Charles, who craves to devour your delicate human flesh. Complete missions, meet settlers, and turn your train into a real war machine. Your ultimate goal: to summon Charles the train into a one-on-one battle and then fight to the death. Don’t be the one who dies.

What’s not to love in this healthy escapade? Drive your train. Watch out for the detestable Charles. Travel through the winding tracks in your nice little train. Hmm, where did Charles go? Leave the comfortable train to clean up debris. Oh my god, oh no, oh shit, there he is. »